Immediately Available & Pocket-Sized Automated Quality Control For Everyone

Foto-Now is the world’s first pocket-sized automated quality control gate and offers fully automated error tracking and identification for optimizing production planning, operations, and reworking. The setup of other quality gates requires up to 6 months of installation in the production system, whereas Foto-Now can be setup within a day and does not require any changes of the production line.  Foto-Now can be setup even without prior IT knowledge and enables on-the-fly integration into existing ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems. Foto-Now is the first production ready AI solution for quality control. Get in touch for more information!


Foto-Now Features

Automated Quality Photo

We use optimized algorithms on the edge to smartly capture crisp sharp photos of production parts – even in vibrating conditions, or low exposure of the production environment.  

Secure Cloud Access

FotoNow is designed for easy cloud access and provides secure and highly scalable cloud storage. All images can be accessed intuitively through a web interface or any smartphone device.

Prompt Fault Alert

Get notified of occurring production faults immediately through one of our support alerting channels (via smartphone, web application, sms, email) and save significant reworking costs.

Device Independent

FotoNow is compatible with a wide range of camera devices including smartphones (for example all generations of iPhone devices from the iPhone 5s) to high-resolution industrial cameras. 


Foto-Now Features


Get Everything You Need With Foto-Now

Foto-Now can be used within minutes through self-service AI technology. We provide a complete setup for Foto-Now – ranging from the setup of automated photo taking, cloud access, configuration of the Foto-Now application to running in production – that can be setup by anyone, even without prior IT knowledge. Foto-Now supports industrial enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, popular databases and customer resource planning (CRM) systems for connectivity into your production technology ecosystem. A new detection setup can easily be configured in the rare case that the use-case cannot be handled with this procedure. We deliver a 24/7 customer support service for resolving any of your requests.


What You Get

Cloud Access

Failure Alerts

World Class Support

3rd Party ERP Support

Updates & Fixes

User Management

Robust Documentation

Built In Analytics

"FotoNow works like magic! The automated fault alerting system became an integral part for my department, and others. It reduced reworking costs at the BMW Plant in Berlin."

Martin Schottmann (BMW Motorrad)

"My department was able to use FotoNow within minutes. Other projects required dedicated camera devices and took months to implement. On top of it, FotoNow provided on-the-fly BI analytics and reporting to track past production or production in real-time. My boss was very surprise when I informed him about FotoNow and we have been using it ever since."

Juergen Beck (BMW Group)

"Our previous quality control system was difficult to manage. The setup was only possible through experts. Once it was setup, it still took us multiple hours each day to get access and extract quality control data. FotoNow has replace the previous system now and I can find the right information and access quality data quickly. FotoNow has increased our production by 5% and giving me more time to focus on our daily business."

Ali Raad (BMW Regensburg)


“I got quality control reports in seconds rather than days!”

FotoNow not only performs automated quality checks but also automatically generates production reports with the most relevant information to oversee the production process. I am able to access quality control reports in seconds or monitor in real time. FotoNow is now an integral part of our daily business!

“Automated failure reporting saves us lots of reworking cost”

The automated fault reporting feature of FotoNow definitively supports my work and relives stress from my colleagues and myself as it works reliably. We now have more transparency about our faults and can use the reporting functionality to investigate into the cause of error.


Build For & Tested on All Major Platforms & Devices

Fotonow is built, tested, and running in production on all major platforms and devices including small compute iOS devices to powerful industrial devices. We’re certified cloud professionals by Microsoft, Google, AWS, Oracle, SAS, and all major ERP, and FotoNow has builtin connectivity with all of them. We’re glad to offer FotoNow to you and support all of your use-cases.


Choose A Plan That Works For You

We give a 30 days price back guarantee of all of our plans. We recommend to beginn with automated visual quality control data (basic plan), then add Automated Quality Inspection or Advanced Inspection after one month of testing. Don`t hesitate to contact our experts for further consultation! 

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Foto it Now!

Foto-Now is productive in several automotive production plants worldwide with automated quality control, automated AI fault inspection, immediate fault notification and rapid BI analytics. Premium brands are already using the production ready AI quality gate – Foto-Now. Get in touch and start with your 30 day trial.