The next Generation of visual quality automation

Leave no fault behind: 100% quality assurance

Visual Quality Assurance with AI

FotoNow is an AI-powered visual inspection solution that automatically tracks parts, detects faults and informs the worker to make corrections in real time. It performs quality assurance with a smartphone or any camera device delivering above human level accuracy. FotoNow is production-ready in one day and can be operated by any employee without IT knowledge. Our vision inspection solution immediately generates ROI, increases productivity and quality and relieves workers from monotonous tasks.

Our Solution offers


Visual inspection of parts


Automated image acquisition without a line stopper


Parts tracking and conformity control


Fault detection with above human level accuracy


Compliance with international quality regulations


Real-time quality status notifications and reports

Why FotoNow

Automated quality management

Replace manual quality inspections with a visual quality assurance solution that automatically detects objects and analyzes them for defects in real time.

Flexible and scalable solution

FotoNow works with changing camera position, unstable lighting and high-frequency vibrations and identifies defects in the complete vision field of the camera.

State-of-the-art technology

Our deep-learning-based model is trained and installed within one day instead of months. The solution performs defect detection with above human level precision.

Easy integration

FotoNow is compatible with over 80 industrial systems and can be integrated with one click. Integration and operation of our vision solution requires neither IT knowledge nor extensive resources.

How to work with us

1. Schedule an appointment

Contact us if you want to know more about our solution for optimizing manufacturing agility, quality, factory productivity and capital spending. You can reach us by phone or email.

2. Define the success criteria

You and the FotoNow team hold a one-day onsite at your production to understand your requirements, objectives, and deployment environment. We will also discuss the terms of collaboration.

3. Get the system operational

In the Proof of Concept stage, we will assist you in the selection and installation of a camera device and mounting hardware. You can test FotoNow for 60 days in your manufacturing environment.

4. Apply & Scale throughout your plants

After you are convinced of the effectiveness of our solution, you can change the test version to a subscription. During the entire period of using our product, we will be ready to assist you on any matter.

Our expertise is Visual Quality Assurance 

Our Customers

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Festo logo

The proof of concept was promising. We developed two different applications in one of our production plants using image analysis software from FotoNow and are very satisfied with the results. While conducting the PoC, FotoNow was able to automate further inspection processes by using state-of-the-art AI technology.

Samuel Hilsheimer

Project Management Engineering, Festo SE & Co. KG

FotoNow has successfully demonstrated their capabilities in our first proof of concept project subject to a very challenging timeframe and in the end even surprised us by outperforming our expectations. They were able to adapt to the novel requirements we confronted them with and found creative strategies to solve the problems. The result was a very fast and robust AI based interpretation of our given test scenarios.

Christof Clemen

Design Lead Stanley Engineering Fastening, Stanley Black & Decker

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