About FotoNow 

Our Story

2017: We worked together on several projects with a focus on deep learning, AI and IoT. We are proud to say, we won more than 100 hackathons by developing unique technologies and helping enterprises solve complex problems.

2018: To turn our success into the business we founded the consultancy company DeutschData GmbH. Meanwhile, the brilliant idea of FotoNow was born during a hackathon at BMW Group. After that, we started to grow. We participated in our first accelerator program: Google Startup Accelerator. 

2019: We hit the first milestone: We successfully conducted the first plant test of FotoNow.

2020: With FotoNow, we participated in several accelerator programs, including BMW Accelerator Program, AWS Accelerator Program, Microsoft for startups, Xpreneurs Techfounders, Alchemist Accelerator, and German Accelerator “Jump-Start” Program. 

Summer of 2020: It happened! We launched FotoNow on the market. We are very grateful to our clients who saw potential in FotoNow. We are also very proud that our product has become a solution to problems in the production process, increasing the productivity of our customers.

Our success is our people