Our Story

Started as a project by two innovation enthusiastic IT consultants, FotoNow is now an established solution for AI-based quality assurance. We are evolving and growing, but we want to keep our motivating startup spirit forever.


Started working together

We worked together on several projects with a focus on deep learning, AI and IoT. We are proud to say, we won more than 100 hackathons by developing unique technologies and helping enterprises solve complex problems.


Founded AI Consultancy

To turn our success into the business we founded the consultancy company DeutschData. Meanwhile, the brilliant idea of FotoNow was born during a hackathon at BMW Group. After that, we started to grow. We participated in our first accelerator program: Google Startup Accelerator. 


FotoNow makes it to the plantfloor

The idea of a hardware-independent software for visual quality assurance was brought to life. We developed the AI-based solution FotoNow and successfully tested it in a production plant.

Beginning of 2020

Product development

We have been working on optimizing functionality of the solution and maximizing the value for customers. We participated in several accelerator programs, including BMW Accelerator Program, AWS Accelerator Program, Microsoft for startups, Xpreneurs Techfounders, Alchemist Accelerator, and German Accelerator “Jump-Start” Program.

Summer of 2020

Market launch

It happened! We launched FotoNow on the market. We are very grateful to our clients who saw potential in FotoNow. We are also very proud that our product has become a solution to problems in the production process, increasing the productivity of our customers.

Beginning of 2021

Continue growing

Our team has grown to 16 people from 7 different nations. We invest much time and effort in R&D and strategical planning. We attach great importance to customer satisfaction and strive to offer the greatest value to manufacturers.

Our success is our people