Benefits of Hardware-Independent Quality Inspection

Written by Anna Stuk

July 9, 2021

FotoNow is the first hardware-independent solution for visual quality assurance. It works with any camera device, for example with a smartphone. In contrast, classical quality inspection solutions are hardware-based and usually apply industrial cameras. Developers at FotoNow have used the most elaborate programming techniques to create the first defect inspection system which is compatible with any camera. And what is actually the benefit of a hardware-independent vision solution for the users?
Manufacturers tend to react skeptically when our team suggests using a smartphone to perform quality control. Of course, FotoNow can also be implemented with industrial cameras. Sometimes the use case even requires the application of the industrial cameras, for example if the temperature conditions or humidity are extreme. But for the majority of cases, we recommend starting a quality assurance project with FotoNow using a smartphone.

FotoNow puts smartphones into industrial context

First, smartphones are available immediately. Many companies have already purchased smartphones, some of which are no longer used, because they exchange the older models with the newer ones. Since our software-based solution is compatible with any hardware, it can be installed on a smartphone within minutes. The AI-powered model for automatic fault detection is trained in a few steps. With only three images of the product, the training is completed in one day. In short, automatic quality control technology can be fully installed in a manufacturing plant within one day.
FotoNow’s Deep Learning model is trained to inspect objects from different angles and perspectives, so it works position-independent. Unlike with the position sensitive solutions, no stabilizers and line stoppers are necessary to apply FotoNow. The camera device can be placed on the line at a flexible distance. This is where smartphones become useful, because they can be mounted in any desired position within seconds. Accordingly, the manufacturer can put a smartphone in a way that products are in the vision field of the camera and does not have to stick to a certain camera placement. With the flexible camera positioning of the vision solution, there is no need to adjust the production line.
It is one of the main customer benefits provided by FotoNow that no modifications to the production line are required to use the solution. Since the AI-driven vision technology FotoNow focuses on software, it is developed in a way that all possible complications caused by manufacturing environment conditions are solved without any external hardware. Classical solutions require additional light, stabilizers and production line fixing to handle changing lighting, high-frequency vibrations and line movements. Due to its proprietary algorithms and data augmentation techniques, FotoNow performs above-human-level quality inspections without any additional hardware. In other words, the technology of FotoNow does not aim to use the best optics to recognize the defects on the product, but rather focuses on deep analysis of the visual information given by any camera device.
With FotoNow, manufacturers do not have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for hardware installation. When the customer decides to proceed with the instalment on a smartphone, it means that the hardware costs are equal to the smartphone value. No hidden hardware costs, nor plant modification costs can be expected.

With the software-based hardware-independent visual solution, FotoNow aims to make quality assurance in production plants more accessible. With low installation costs, short training time and robust technology, FotoNow brings new standards to quality in the manufacturing process.

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