The  most creative DIY smartphone holders of our customers

It does not always have to be a tripod! FotoNow’s clients are creative when it comes to mounting their camera devices or smartphones for quality inspection. We present some of the most creative solutions.

Magnet Holder

Holds to any metal surface thanks to magnetic force and offers complete flexibility in focusing on the subject. Two adjustable axes make it possible. Two rod profiles hold the mobile phone in position and provide the first hurdle for theft protection.

Wooden box

Also renewable raw materials are used to fix a FotoNow smartphone. This fancy wooden box is padded inside and protects an iPhone 8 device in its daily work: The taking of pictures of over 2200 engine blocks with subsequent error analysis.

Plastic bag

A production stop is costly with 10.000 Euro per minute, and our client required an immediate solutions to solve his problem.  Our client “engineered” a solution using a foil bag. Normally, such foil bags with fastening hooks are found on material containers, where they contain various accompanying documents. In the case of this FotoNow station, it was simply the fastest possible way to mount a smartphone so that you don’t have to enter a locked area. Within 90 minutes FotoNow was ready for use at the customer’s location and still offers the most economical mounting option in the history of our product.

Floating Tripod

Production environments are versatile with little space for adjustment or new technologies. In this use case the iPhone holder looks ordinary at first glance. If you take a closer look, you can see that the tripod is not standing on the ground but is attached to a vertical grid in a free-floating position. This installation was the only way possible to take a picture of the object to be recognized at a place of use, as the space was very limited. The iPhone could have also been attached to the grid any other way as well, because of the position-independent capability of the technology. However, this way looked the most sophisticated for the production plant.

Tripod Stand

The tripod stand is a very pragmatic solutions by foreman. Most of FotoNow’s customers use a normal tripod, which allows FotoNow to be used on the smartphone anytime, anywhere – or just do its job on the spot. It couldn’t be easier!

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