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It does not always need automatic fault detection from the beginning. The power of automatically taken photos is often underestimated and brings many advantages even with pure image storage. For example, transparency about the current error occurrence is increased, time is saved in root case analysis and error analysis, which applies equally to daily routine work such as process confirmation. FotoNow Basic, which can be set up by anyone in just five minutes, makes it possible.

Three different scenarios, three use cases for FotoNow Basic

Max is a quality specialist at a supplier company that produces bumpers for the automotive industry. Again and again his clients reported missing fog lights and sealing plugs to him. Max was unable to understand the occurrence of these faults, as he had assigned two of his employees to manual quality control for several weeks. With FotoNow Basic, which he uses on two iPhones, he was able to get a quick overview of the delivery quality of his parts. Thanks to the images stored in the cloud, which Max can view quickly and easily via the web interface, it was immediately clear that the parts in question were missing several times a day. Thanks to the increased transparency of the fault rate, Max was now able to take further measures to improve quality.

A similar problem occurred in the cockpit production of a vehicle manufacturer. Patrick is responsible for a camera station here consisting of four digital cameras. After the complex installation using laser sensor technology, these four cameras automatically took pictures of each cockpit – which were stored on the built-in SD cards. When the manufacturer was now notified about damages to the cockpit, Patrick was able to select the corresponding image. However, he had to disassembled the digital camera and had manually transfer the photos on the SD card to a computer hard disk. In the meantime, no further pictures could be taken with this camera.

With FotoNow Basic, smartphones do the job now. The pictures directly get into the cloud, which leads to a significant time saving for Patrick and his employees in the quality analysis, because these pocket-sized devices are available and ready for 24 hours a day and do not have to be disassembled. The new setup also was cost-efficient. Apart from a permanent power supply, only a mounting option for the smartphones was needed. In addition, the cockpit production department uses the images to check whether any reported damage was already present at delivery. If Patrick can prove that this was not the case, he saves a lot of paperwork and time in the otherwise necessary filling out of fault reports and the resulting measures.

Jens uses FotoNow Basic now, too. He works on a production line. His daily tasks include manually checking the assembly workplaces to ensure that the employees are mounting all parts correctly. Every day he therefore checks a different working place for 30 minutes. Armed with pen and paper he writes down quantities and conspicuous features.
But in the meantime Jens has also arrived in the age of industry 4.0. His iPhone takes over this daily routine task with automatically taking a photo after the worker finished his job in time. During these 30 minutes, Jens can pursue other activities. In the end, all he has to do is looking through the images stored in the cloud for defects or missing parts and is happy that he can do something else every day then he was able to do before without FotoNow Basic.

His employer is also pleased, because he employs several people like Jens, even in 3-shift operation. Extrapolated to the number of employees who perform this type of process monitoring all automatically with FotoNow Basic, the employer saves a high six-figure sum that would otherwise have been spent on this routine activity.

How FotoNow Basic works

FotoNow Basic has a super easy to use interface that allows you to automatically capture images of desired parts, objects or other items in minutes. With the help of the sophisticated web application, only a few images of the desired object need to be taken with a simple keystroke. Subsequently, a handful of images are taken on where this object is not visible. Then FotoNow Basic automatically trains a model to take a photo whenever the desired object is visible. Thanks to the easy handling no previous knowledge is necessary. Really everyone can use this system. By the way, all photos automatically get stored into the provided cloud, which is accessible via browser and comfortable to use.

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FotoNow is an AI-powered visual manufacturing inspection system and offers fully automated, end-to-end, error tracking and identification for optimize manufacturing agility and quality, factory throughput and capital spending.