FotoNow brings Mobility to manufacturing plants

Written by Anna Stuk

August 27, 2021

Transition to Industry 4.0 is the new milestone for producing companies. Automation in manufacturing leads to process optimization and increased productivity. The approach of Industry 4.0 is not only to make production plants more efficient, but also to bring sustainability and optimized resource management.

To enable manufacturing companies to become more agile and to implement Industry 4.0 in their plants, FotoNow launches an automated quality assurance solution for industrial applications. FotoNow combines deep learning with computer vision and aims to make quality inspections as efficient and simple as possible. Due to proprietary algorithms and data processing techniques developed by the technical team, FotoNow achieves over 99% accuracy even in most complex use cases. This AI-powered solution detects scratches, cracks, blowholes and other defects on reflective surfaces, like metal or laque.

What’s new:

Only five images are required to train the model. The vision solution is based on a deep learning model that is trained with sample images of parts for inspection. FotoNow makes the breakthrough by creating a model that is trained using just five images instead of hundreds, like in classical deep learning model training. Accordingly, model training takes up to one day. This ability to provide manufacturers with a vision solution ready to apply in one day brings agility and flexibility in quality management.

FotoNow works with any camera device. The technology is designed to be easy to install and operate, but functional and efficient at the same time. That is why FotoNow can be operated on any available camera device, be it an industrial camera, smartphone or tablet. The solution behind this feature is an elaborate software that includes automated image capture, stabilizer, image quality enhancement and pixel-level fault inspection. This software is compatible with any hardware and operating system, making FotoNow an all-in-one solution that brings mobility in quality assurance for every manufacturer.

Precise location of a defect can be identified. Classical visual inspection systems identify the presence of a defect and divide parts in faulty and faultless ones. In this case, the worker must perform an additional inspection of the part to evaluate if the defect is critical. FotoNow goes further and detects the location of a defect. It helps the worker find the defect on the part much faster and easier, making the workflow of quality control more efficient.

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