Frequenly Asked Questions

FotoNow uses cutting edge deep learning, computer vision, fluid dynamics, and photography technology to deliver above 99% accuracy for fault inspection. With easy to use Self-Service based setup, following questions would be helpful to configure and solve most commonly occuring questions. If some question is not solved, please reach out to us at

What features does FotoNow offer?
FotoNow is an automatic quality inspection and defect detection system using Artificial Intelligence. Images can be captured with any camera and network enabled device, from digital and industrial cameras to mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. Detected defects are reported to the responsible employee in real time. Thanks to patented, innovative technology, use cases can be implemented within a short time with an accuracy of over 99% in any environment.
What quality defects can FotoNow detect?

Generally anything within the camera’s field of view. From missing or incorrectly mounted parts, scratches, dents and gaps, to color differences. Dust detection in the run-up to painting processes is not a problem, nor is text recognition on components, for example to automatically detect approval- relevant information.

Are smartphones really used as image capture devices for FotoNow?

Among others, yes! Our experience is that in large companies the use of smartphones is the fastest and most efficient way to set up a quality monitoring system with FotoNow in a very short time. Often there are smartphones that are no longer in use and FotoNow gives them a second valuable life. However, you can easily use other devices for image capture as well.

What type of smartphone is suitable?

Actually any device on the market. For one of our customers we mainly work with 1st generation iPhone SE devices (release year 2016).

What features does the small version of FotoNow, FotoNow Basic, offer?

With FotoNow Basic you can automatically take pictures and store them in a cloud. Thanks to our innovative and easy-to-use self-service option, anyone interested can train the photo trigger themselves. No previous IT knowledge is required. Automatic error detection is not included in this version.

What are the advantages of the small version FotoNow Basic?

The images taken with FotoNow Basic can be viewed at any time via our user-friendly web interface and lead to a significant increase in efficiency in root cause analysis as well as problem solving. This helps to manually identify areas of faults, collect numbers, data and facts, and locate the fault location and the cause faster. These images can also be used as evidence to show that an error did not occur in your own area.

How long does it take to set up and start using FotoNow?

Deployment is of course dependent on the use case. If there are cameras or smartphones available, we could get FotoNow up and running after one or two days, depending on the use case. Other usecases were fully operational in up to two weeks.

How long does it take to set up and launch FotoNow Basic?

Thanks to our innovative and easy-to-use self-service option, training for the automatic photo trigger is completed in as little as one to five minutes.

What are the error notification options?

FotoNow sends notifications either by email to designated email addresses or as a push message directly to your mobile phone. On top of that, we’ve built-in support for 80+ industrrial systems connectors. 

How is the image quality due to strong vibrations or shocks in the environment?

FotoNow ensures clear and crisp sharp images at all times. Our patented technology can compensate for vibrations, whether on assembly lines, in presses or in other environments.

How do changing light conditions affect defect detection?

Our system is specialized in automatically and flexibly reacting to such conditions without compromising detection accuracy.

Q-Gates usually take up a lot of space. How much space does FotoNow take up?

Since FotoNow is fully functional with a smartphone, it can be used in small or confined spaces. All you need to do is to attach the smartphone in some way. This can be on a tripod, but also a do-it- yourself solution in any form is possible.

What is the functionality of the automatic text recognition?

Text of any kind can be read with FotoNow and the information can be transmitted to connected systems. The customer requirements so far range from reading specific information on order sheets, to the recognition of texts and numbers on components of any kind and shape. For example, to automatically store approval-relevant information in databases due to the necessary documentation requirements.

What are the possibilities for data transfer?

Smartphones or tablets can send images to the connected cloud either via Wi-Fi or telephone network. If the monthly data volume of the SIM card is not sufficient, this can be increased via the mobile phone providers. Of course, there is also the option of connecting these devices using a standard network cable, as well as all other Internet-capable camera systems.

Do images created with FotoNow need to be stored in a cloud system?

No. So-called Edge PC solutions can be connected at any time.

Production environments often have many employees. What happens if they are visible in the image?

FotoNow is fully GDPR compliant. This means that people visible in the image are automatically made unrecognizable.

What operating system does FotoNow require?

The FotoNow architecture is a web application and therefore runs on any operating system. Special app versions for iOS and Android are also available. Likewise, cloud and system services can be easily accessed via browser.

Can FotoNow send data and information to internal business interfaces and databases, or work with IT systems used for quality information?

Of course we can connect and integrate FotoNow to most commonly supported industrial systems, if the support is not available yet, we will add support based on request.

How long does it take until the error detection works?

This depends on the problem and the number of error images already available. Unused parts can be detected with a high degree of accuracy from day one. For the detection of scratches, dents and gap measurements a few days more are needed.

Does FotoNow include a self-service option to train and detect new defect patterns?

This is currently being worked on.

Any further question?

If you have any further question, please reach out to us at We are looking forward for any questions and interests.

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