One of the main strengths of the visual quality automation solution FotoNow is its compatibility with any camera device. This allows the manufacturer to choose a camera that best fits each specific use case. How do you decide which camera device to install in your plant for visual quality assurance?

The best-known devices for surface inspection applications are industrial cameras. FotoNow is capable of performing visual inspections with any industrial camera. When do we recommend using an industrial camera? For example, when production takes place under extreme conditions. If the temperature in the factory is very high or very low, only special industrial cameras can be used, because all other camera devices can not work properly in such conditions. The same concerns the humidity in the production site. Despite industrial cameras having relatively low resolution (up to 2mp), FotoNow can perform visual quality inspection on a pixel level due to its built-in resolution enhancement technology. FotoNow is able to improve the resolution of the image up to 5 times.

Another camera device that has been used in several FotoNow use cases is a smartphone. Even though we keep encountering rather critical reactions to the proposal of using the smartphone for visual quality inspection, this device has proven itself for industrial use. The advantages of a smartphone for surface inspection are several, firstly the flexible positioning. If the entire product needs to be inspected, a smartphone can be installed on the movable holder and thus inspect the product from all sides with just one camera. In addition, smartphones do not need a physical connection to the factory. 

For examination of cavities, endoscopes are often used in the industry. Until now, however, such inspections were executed manually, and precise quality control could not be ensured. Since FotoNow can be connected to any camera device, it can perform AI-enabled quality inspections of cavities. This solution can be applied, for example, for surface inspection inside metal tubes.

For the visual quality assurance of very large objects, for instance, airplanes, drones can be applied. FotoNow performs inspections independent of position and detects defects in the entire field of view of the camera. Therefore, the surface inspection of a large object can be easily performed using a camera device in motion. Moreover, the detection of even small defects is enabled by our resolution enhancement mentioned above.

There are several ways to install the AI-powered solution in your plant. We advise our customers on camera selection based on each specific use case and manufacturing conditions. To learn more and get an automated quality inspection consultancy for your manufacturing plant, please contact us and schedule an appointment.

by | Mar 22, 2021