Metrology Analysis

Use cases


Rework reduction in taillight production

Industry: Automotive

Problem: In the production of taillights, it is necessary to take into account the correct fit, as well as the presence of defects such as cracks and scratches. The visual inspection of the manufacturing process in the line of our customer was conducted semi-manually. A digital camera took pictures of the taillights and saved them on an SD card. The images then had to be transferred and reviewed by the employees. 

Solution: With our technology installed on a smartphone, the images were taken and uploaded to the cloud fully automatically. At the same time, all images were analyzed. FotoNow could recognize the area of interest and inspect it for defects and placement. The employees received immediate feedback which enabled them to rework the defective parts instantly.

Results: First, the customer saves time and resources for image transfer and storage.  Since the images are stored in the cloud and can be reviewed on any device, our solution enhances transparency and traceability of the quality inspection. Real-time error notification ensures that employees can do inline rework immediately, so the vehicles with defective taillights do not have to be steered into the rework department.  This saves the customer time and costs of rework.