All-in-one Quality Inspection powered by AI


FotoNow is an advanced AI-based visual quality inspection solution for manufacturing. The system can be trained by any employee in a few minutes. Our technology is able to independently analyse multiple issues on the images taken with a smartphone or any available camera device. The solution can be fully integrated into your plant, enabling you to automate the quality inspection process completely.

FotoNow is able to handle even the most complex tasks that other providers cannot resolve, i.e. scratches and multi defect type inspection. Our solution shows excellent performance in defect inspection, part detection and process automation.

Have an overview of our solution:

Product Modules

Quality Automation:

Our solution enables agile quality assurance through the automated image collection.

  • Inspection process without a line stoppage due to enhanced capturing technology;
  • Automatic Inspections through accurate (above human level) object recognition and classification;
  • Process Automation and Traceability down to each component through the OCR engine that identifies text, ID numbers, 1D & 2D bar codes, label information, and documents;
  • Real-Time Data Insights through a cloud-based dashboard.


Our clients are already on the next wave of industrialization.

  • Improvement of manufacturing and quality performance through an interoperable and interconnected smart factory;
  • Manufacturing awareness by enabling traceability and tracking down to each component in the production process;
  • Automated quality assurance and control processes, i.e. automated inspection, fault detection and handling and generation of audits and reports;
  • Monitoring and Control due to cloud-based monitoring dashboard that shows quality metrics and inspection results;
  • Deep Learning Quality: Patterns and critical thresholds in quality metrics are identified to devise recommendations or actions to enable Zero Defect Manufacturing.

Visual Inspection: 

FotoNow offers immediate quality control and predictive maintenance.

  • Swift system configuration for the detection of complex quality issues within seconds;
  • >99% quality assurance through the detection of scratches, dust, fingerprints, dents, and color irregularities in multiple surface types and textures;
  • Automated pass/fail inspections in high volume and multi-product manufacturing lines i.e. missing parts, part misalignments, gaps, and component dimensions;
  • Assembly verification and tracking of component identification numbers, recognized barcodes, text, and documents through the integrated industrial IT systems;
  • Real-time notifications of defects sent to relevant team members and integrated systems.

How it works

The application can be installed in one day without IT knowledge. It does not require any specific hardware and can be used on a smartphone or a tablet.

The configuration is done just in a few clicks. Once the sample images are downloaded,  the model for object and flaw recognition is trained automatically based on AI.

After the configuration is done, the application can be used directly on the manufacturing line. FotoNow is compatible with over 80 industry connectors.

The images are taken automatically without the need of a stopper or any analogous trigger. The application is optimized to perform in challenging conditions like high-frequency vibrations, changing light, and color irregularities.

The images are securely stored in a cloud space of your choice (Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Amazon Cloud Services, etc.). No frame grabbers needed for the data transfer.


Proprietary algorithms analyze the images of each product within milli-seconds. Defects are detected 10-times more accurate than hardware-centric quality solutions or humans.


Real-time notifications of results are sent to the chosen employees across departments or directly to the industrial connectors.

Self-service setup

From image acquisition to fault inspection to integrations, FotoNow supports an end to end self-service deployment process with minimal IT knowledge required.

Built-in Integrations



FotoNow has built-in integrations with major cloud vendors including Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Amazon Cloud Services, major enterprise resource planning systems, manufacturing execution systems, information management systems, SCADA/ HMI, etc. If some integration is not yet supported by FotoNow, our development team can easily implement it to facilitate the deployment process.

Do you have additional questions?

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