AI-Powered Quality Assurance

Transition of your plant to Industry 4.0

Automated Vision Inspection

FotoNow is an advanced solution for visual inspection. Our technology offers an all-in-one quality assurance package: parts tracking, serial number and barcode reader, and fault detection. The model requires only five images for training and works with any camera device.

Product Modules

quality automation

Quality Automation

FotoNow automatically takes images of parts without line stoppage. It enhances quality of the images and stores them in the cloud.

traceability and conformity

Traceability & Conformity

Our solution reads text, numbers and barcodes. It can track parts and check them in accordance to relevant conformity regulations.

surface inspection

Surface Inspection

Our model identifies scratches, cracks, blowholes and other faults with above human level accuracy. This module improves product quality and reduces recalls.

How it works

1. Choose one, two or all of the modules

2. Upload five images of the relevant part to train the model

3. Label the images with a few clicks

4. Test the model

5. Give feedback to the model

6. Apply the model to the production line

Want to learn more about our solution?

Download FotoNow product brochure.

In the brochure you will have an overview of our vision technology, its main functions and customer benefits.

download our product brochure

Get to know current applications of our vision solution

We focus on automotive and industrial automation sectors. Our current use cases include defect inspection, assembly verification, and conformity of production.

Do you have question about FotoNow?

Take a look at our FAQ section. If any of your questions still left unanswered, please contact our team via