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Quality defects in production a recurring problem in many companies. Often weeks pass until a functioning solution for quality assurance is available. Even in the basic version, FotoNow can provide increased error transparency and time savings in root cause analysis and error detection. Immediately! This is what a German car manufacturer is using

Immediate Setup

When quality defects occur in a production process, the desire for immediate help is urgent. Right now the problem is acute and a solution must be found as quickly as possible. Unfortunately visual inspections often require camera systems that are not immediately available and are often delivered weeks later. That’s why FotoNow works on any smartphone.

Meanwhile everyone is using such a device daily. Also unused devices are lying around in many companies. By using FotoNow on these, automatic photo shoots of the desired objects and parts can be taken within minutes, thanks to the integrated, intuitive self-service. These images land directly in the FotoNow cloud and can be instantly viewed by the relevant staff. The result: quick identification of existing defects, time and cost reduction for the usual error documentation and the necessary root cause analysis. In addition, the already existing image material can be used if the customer wants automatic defect detection. The experts at FotoNow will then deliver a tailor-made solution including immediate feedback when a problem occurs.

Root Cause Analysis

At a German car manufacturer, this system was integrated in one of their departments. In this case, there were repeated sudden stops at the assembly line when the vehicle entered the locked area of a lifter, which must not be entered by employees. It was not known where they came from. On the pictures taken by FotoNow it was then obvious that incorrectly mounted cables were the cause of the

problem. These got caught in the cleaning rollers in the floor, which led to the line stops.

Real-time fault Alerting

Thanks to the photos now available it was possible to install a functioning fault detection system in just a few days, which detects hanging cables in advance, i.e. before the vehicle enters the lifter, and reports them in real time to the responsible employee. Thus, downtimes can be avoided immediately. Considering that every minute of a production stop causes costs of approx. 2,500 EUR, this quickly implemented solution saves a high six-digit total amount per year now.

Customer satisfaction with fast availability, this is exactly what FotoNow proved in this case. The customer used two iPhone SE devices for the implementation, which were no longer needed up to that point. The installation of the devices and the training of the photo trigger was completed in a few minutes. After only a few days the first problem that led to the shutdowns was detected and subsequently fixed thanks to automatic fault detection.

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FotoNow is an AI-powered visual manufacturing inspection system and offers fully automated, end-to-end, error tracking and identification for optimize manufacturing agility and quality, factory throughput and capital spending.