No worries about shakes and vibrations – always crisp, sharp images with FotoNow

Real production environments offer many pitfalls for visual inspection systems. Besides different lighting conditions, vibrations are the root cause of all problems on the way to perfect image quality. We have taught FotoNow how to deal with such extreme situations. On every image capture device, from smartphones to high-resolution cameras.

Wanted: more sharpness

Blurred photos are of little help in analysis and troubleshooting. A client had to struggle with exactly this problem. At his production line for vehicle manufacturing, pictures of the back of the entire vehicle had to be taken. However, his camera system could not cope with the large vibrations caused by the vehicle at the end of the line. The transport hanger entered the lifter, bumped into the boundary buffer and immediately after the lifter started moving. As a result, the photo had to be taken at exactly the right moment and the vibration had to be compensated at the same time.

Perfect image quality

FotoNow, with its sophisticated algorithms and the use of various functions from neighbouring technology areas, provides pure software-based stabilisation of the image. Our development team had always put a great deal of effort into this in order to ensure the best possible image quality  and under all operating conditions. With additional optimization filters, sharp and high-contrast images are created that allow exact analysis.

Vibrations cannot shake FotoNow. Be it in normal production lines up to powerful metal presses.

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FotoNow is an AI-powered visual manufacturing inspection system and offers fully automated, end-to-end, error tracking and identification for optimize manufacturing agility and quality, factory throughput and capital spending.