Surface Inspection

Use cases


Fault inspection on castings

Industry: Industrial control and automation

Problem: The product of our customer contains metal parts. During the solidification of liquid steel for the production of these parts, the formation of blowholes is possible. The existing solutions cannot provide automated detection of blowholes. Therefore, the quality control of the metal parts is executed only after the assembly of the entire product through a functionality test.

Solution: FotoNow was installed on a smartphone and placed into the assembly line. Due to the enhanced image inspection technology, our solution could precisely observe the metal surface despite light reflection. FotoNow was able to accurately detect even tiny blowholes from images taken on the smartphone. 

Results: Due to the detection of blowholes at the early stage of production, damaged parts were excluded from the further assembly process. In this way, the defect-free parts’ waste was reduced, and this, in turn, diminished the production costs for the company.