Cost and rework reduction on the example of taillight assembly

Taillights on a vehicle are one of several problems in the automotive industry. Gap dimensions must fit and damage, from scratches to chipping, occurs repeatedly. Here we show how FotoNow has modernized an old process, making it more efficient and cost-saving.

Everyday problems at the assembly line

One of our customers had used digital cameras for photo documentation of the taillights, which stored their pictures on SD cards. Besides the fact that the pictures had to be transferred manually from the SD card, the pictures could only be viewed after successful copying. A real time eater! Furthermore, the lack of error detection ensured that damage was not detected in time, resulting in high rework costs.

More efficiency, thanks to FotoNow

By using FotoNow these problems have now been eliminated. As with other applications, older iPhone SE devices are used to check the taillights. All images are being uploaded into the cloud fully automatically, where they can be viewed at any time from any PC or mobile device. At the same time, all images are analyzed and checked for defects such as scratches and other damage to the taillights. Real-time error notification ensures that employees can do inline rework immediately, which is why these vehicles do not need to be steered into the rework department, so no additional rework costs are incurred.

Three problems solved at one stroke

Bright faces among the employees on the production line, thanks to reduced rework costs, time savings through cloud architecture and automatic error detection. Three big advantages for our customers, thanks to the fast and efficient use of FotoNow.

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FotoNow is an AI-powered visual manufacturing inspection system and offers fully automated, end-to-end, error tracking and identification for optimize manufacturing agility and quality, factory throughput and capital spending.