Tech Breakthroughs are Core of FotoNow

FotoNow uses cutting edge deep learning, computer vision, fluid dynamics, and photography technology to deliver above 99% accuracy for fault inspection.

Built-in Integrations

FotoNow has built-in integrations with major cloud vendors including Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Amazon cloud services, major enterprise resource planning systems, manufacturing execution systems, management information systems, SCADA/ HMI etc. If some integration is not support by FotoNow, we can support and develop it free of charge to ease the deployment process

Self-Service Setup

From image acquisition to fault inspection to integrations; fotonow supports end to end self-service deploymet process with minical IT knowledge required. 

FotoNow Components

FotoNow technical architecture consists of modular micro-services design. Each microservices is orchestrated into a recipy which yields best performance for the specific kind of fault inspection

Camera Optimization

For challenges like high frequency vibrations, changing light, etc, we’ve proprietry technology to yields optimal results  in harsh conditions.

Robust Performance

Mobile devices has limited power resources and to perform 24/7 quality inspection, we’ve power & compute optimized device drivers. 

Optimized Bandwidth Usage

We’ve optimized algorithms for the connectivity of inspection devices to MES/ERP/Cloud connection to save the bandwidth of data usage

Self Service Setup

To immedialy harness benefits from quality gates, we’ve self-service setup which require minimal IT knowledge to setup complicated inspections

Distributed Computing

We find a sweet spot for complex computations and bandwidth usage for quality gates using distributed computing IOT algorithms.

Enhancing Quality

For old mobile devices, we’ve developed  image enhancement and resolution algorithms to yields state of art performance. 


Meta-Data Extraction

To build up digital factory, we’ve smart meta data extraction algorithms to build up connected factory without any connectivity. 

Fault Patterns

We’ve smart pattern recognition algorithms which we’ve trained on more than 200 millions quality data points for fault inspections. 


FotoNow has one click integraitons with major cloud vendors, ERP’s, MES to ease the setup process and send fault notifications.

One-Click Deployment

FotoNow deployment is supported on major cloud vendors including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and being hosted on premises. Thanks to our expert and certified team from all major technology providers (Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Oracle etc), we tend to keep our product uptodated in regards to delivering best performance and maintaining state of art security protocols

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