Traceability and Complance

Use Cases

Part Tracking and Compliance

Our vision solution identifies text and numbers engraved or pasted on the surface of parts. This information is then automatically stored together with the images of the parts.In this manner, the tracking of parts through the complete production process is ensured. In addition, our AI-powered technology analyzes the guidelines of relevant regulations and decides whether parts are compliant based on the meaning of their text and number information, i.e. material, country of origin, configuration, etc.

Automation of Workflow

Industry: Automotive

Problem: To ensure compliance with import regulations in different regions, our client has to prepare an extensive report on specific components of their product. The dedicated employees had to prepare by hand a list including identification codes and photographic documentation of each component and then manually verify compliance with standards and correct assembly. The manual workflow was labour intensive and prone to errors, resulting in significant operating costs and delays in order fulfilment.

Solution: A completely automated solution was implemented using suitable camera portals (e.g. smartphones). Thereby the workflow was completely automated in which the part ID’s were extracted automatically from the images and verified for correct assembly and compliance in real-time. Notifications and audit-reporting were carried out automatically and the documentation was updated in the industrial system at once.

Results: The digitisation of the process and automation of the workflow managed to increase the performance of the workers by reducing the error rate and facilitating their tasks. The automated reporting and increased transparency and traceability, lead to an increase in resource efficiency and reduction of operating costs.

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