Optical character recognition is a process in which a picture of printed or handwritten text is converted into machine-encoded text. OCR is based on a computer vision technology and is able to process scanned documents or photographs. It is usually applied for digitalization of printed text documents or conversion of image files into text files. Due to the rapid development of digitization, OCR is being applied in different areas, such as automatic identification by document scanning or preparation of the tax return with the help of OCR analysis of invoices.

FotoNow has enhanced capabilities of OCR and deploys the technology to trace parts in production lines. The system is able to automatically recognize the manufacturer serial number (MSN) of each part and submit it for further tracking. The improved image processing technology allows FotoNow to perform OCR with pictures taken on a smartphone camera. Since each object examined by FotoNow is analyzed down to each pixel, it can recognize the ID number of the parts even if it is printed very small or engraved on a metal surface. At the moment, such MSNs are still read and entered manually by employees, which makes the process inefficient, error-prone and time consuming.

With the new technology, part IDs can be automatically transmitted to the cloud without a physical connection. FotoNow uses the collected data to create traceability and compliance reports for manufacturing plants. Such industrial application of OCR makes the production process transparent and brings tremendous value to the manufacturers in delivering accurate results, saving time and allowing to allocate skilled workers to more expertise-related tasks.


by | Dec 18, 2020