Improving quality across industries

Application of the AI-powered Visual Inspection

The major goal of FotoNow is to enable manufacturers to optimize quality assurance and increase productivity. Our clients trust us in solving complex problems for which there is no solution available on the market. We provide plants with a solution that automates the entire quality assurance and control process. We find the key for each case.

FotoNow detects any kind of visual errors. It is capable of detecting scratches, dents and blowholes, and works accurately even on reflective surfaces.

Thanks to our technology, this information is securely stored on the cloud along with the image to ensure parts tracking. In addition, our AI-based solution has the ability to evaluate and interpret product information so that products meet international quality standards.

Our smart system can analyze the configuration of the products and detect missing or incorrectly attached parts. FotoNow evaluates correct assembly based on shape and color of parts, distances and position, and provides feedback in real time.

Use Cases

Read about cases in which FotoNow was applied and successfully solved manufacturing problems, increased productivity and saved companies thousands to millions of dollars.

Currently, we offer our expertise in three major areas: Surface Inspection, Traceability & Compliance, and Assembly Verification. Our customers come from automotive and industrial automation sectors.

surface inspection use case

Surface Inspection

Detection of scratches, dents, color irregularities, blowholes and other surface defects.

Traceability & Compliance

Traceability & Compliance

Number and text product information storage and analysis. Parts tracking and compliance with regulations.

Assembly verification

Assembly Verification

Control of the mounted parts in the production process to ensure proper assembly.

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