Working at FotoNow – Interview with our Head of Operations Felipe

Written by Anna Stuk

April 26, 2021

Interview with COO of FotoNow

Hi Felipe, could you please explain your role at FotoNow?

Ok, sure. My role is Head of Operations, so let me explain what it means. First, I support the development of processes, have an overview of policies and documentation for compliance that allows us to fulfill corporate goals and customer requirements and expectations. I also help the board and other core team members to develop strategies, to define new goals or company objectives.

Could you please specify what are corporate goals of FotoNow?

Our main goal is to deliver our high-quality vision solution to the most important high-value manufacturers worldwide. Currently we want to reach a certain amount of rollouts, that means installations within an enterprise or different enterprises. That is deeper than just achieving this quote. It means that we have to develop efficient processes that allow us to fulfill these requirements and allow us to work and scale as a team and a company.

So which teams do you support in this process?

I support the sales and well… Currently I mostly support the founders. They have different responsibilities between sales and fundraising. These are our key activities right now. So the communication, structuring and documentations with prospect customers and investors are the most important activities at the moment. And what allows us to deliver the solution is the development of the product and there I support our CTO Zeeshan with operational tasks: talking with service providers or researchers and preparing documentation that allows us to protect our IP.

Why did you decide to work here?

That was an interesting story. I was sitting in the agricultural research institute in Freising (Germany) and my task was to identify whether the leaf of the plant was damaged or not. So I had to do a subjective assessment of the percentage of the leaf that was able to do photosynthesis. And I only had datasheets with very poorly explained instructions to define this. A manual and very inefficient process. And well, I have heard of FotoNow already before and knew what they were doing, but then I definitely saw that there is a huge opportunity. In agriculture, but also in manufacturing industry or medicine – automated quality inspection can be applied in every area. And I understood how helpful the technology is. That is how I decided to work at FotoNow.

Great! Are your expectations met?

Yes. I am satisfied with the work. It’s a challenging environment, so everyday is a different day. I like that there are different use cases, different industries and a bunch of people to talk to, many experts. The team is amazing, also open to new ideas and we have great guidance through experienced advisors. Yes, I am satisfied.

And can you describe, how your typical working week looks like?

So, we have Monday meetings. And well… it starts a bit earlier for me. So I usually go through my tasks in the train on my way to the office. There I have a little bit of overview of how the projects are going, what the deadlines are and what the progress is. So it starts with this overview on Monday morning. Then during the weekly meeting on Monday I am able to exchange with my colleagues on the projects and prioritize the tasks. Sometimes there come new tasks with high priorities like an important meeting with an investor or a customer presentation. So we discuss it on Monday and everyone plans the week considering the ongoing and new projects. The goal is to prepare for projects and manage them to meet the success criteria. And the rest of the time is focused on creating the documentation or the processes that allow the company to work and to scale.

What was the most special day during your career at FotoNow?

The most special day was definitely the Alchemist Demo Day. FotoNow participated in the American Accelerator Program Alchemist and it was the final event where we pitched our product in front of investors and people from different industries across the world. It was a huge amount of work before. That was great team work. I remember productive days preparing pitches, creating presentations, helping our CEO Florian prepare for the pitch. And then seeing the final work is an amazing feeling. And the result the weeks afterwards reflects how committed the team is and how efficient and capable they are. I am very proud of our team work, yes.

Could you describe FotoNow with three objectives?

Definitely disruptive… yes, that’s the most suitable adjective. For sure innovative… and hm game-changing.




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